Understanding the land as well as the tools and technology that help improve yield is a huge part of working with farmers and managing farmland. Vertical Tillage (VT) is a modern mechanical technology that helps farmers incorporate crop residue into the soil in either the spring or fall.  Reducing tillage helps protect the soil from wind and water erosion while at the same time permits the farmer to use this technology to prepare the soil for a very successful crop yield. In this video, we have a JD 245R tractor and a KUHN Krause Excelerator 8005-20. This AGinvest farm produced a 50 tonne/acre tomato crop in 2020 and it was followed with a 5-mix cover crop to both protect the soil horizon from winter erosion as well as to sequester carbon throughout the fall and early winter.  This video was filmed on a dry March day in SW Ontario, with the VT unit mulching the residual cover crop into the soil in preparation for commercial corn to be produced in 2021.

Vertical Tillage (VT) is often used to protect the soil and incorporate crop residue into the soil. – YouTube