AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada is an Ontario farmland investment manager and provider of financing for farmers.

Through our Land-Share Exchange program, farmland owners are able to transfer farmland into AGinvest and receive a combination of cash and shares of an AGinvest Farmland Fund in return. The program lets farm families defer immediate tax liabilities while maximizing eligibility for the lifetime capital gains exemption.  

Explore the variety of options available that can help you, your family and your farm.

Our options include cash to grow your farm business now, as well as flexible succession plans for a smooth transition in the future.

Our innovative Land-Share Exchange Program offers Ontario farmers the ability/opportunity to own and operate their farmland while enjoying the liquidity that contributes to:

  • Flexible planning for your business and family
  • Exceptional tax efficient strategies
  • Simplified farm succession and retirement planning
  • Operational growth
  • Debt reduction
  • Operational partnerships

New Opportunities With Land-Share Exchange

Simple Succession

Exchanging the value of your farm for shares in an AGinvest Farmland Fund portfolio lets you turn farmland into assets that can be easily dispersed to loved ones, without dividing and divesting your working acreage. Your successors can also choose, jointly or individually, whether:

  • to continue operating and expanding the farm business directly, or
  • to participate in its operation as shareholders, or
  • to liquidate their shares for cash

This approach to transition also allows for flexible retirement planning. The AGinvest Growers arrangement provides operating agreements and partnerships that work well for farmers looking to “change the pace” of their current business.