The AGinvest Difference

The goal at AGinvest is to do more than just simply hold a portfolio of farmland and hope for a natural appreciation in value. Instead, AGinvest takes a 'boots on the ground' approach embedded in our active management strategies. This approach leads to frequent communication with farmers, which allows for more optimization work to be done on the farms, ultimately leading to higher crop yields for farmers and greater returns for investors.

Through emphasizing its strong relationships with farmers and the communities in which they farm, AGinvest creates a sustainable business model that prioritizes the farm side of the equation, which subsequently drives success for its investors.

Responsible Investing

AGinvest is proud to be a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI). Along with upholding the six principles that form the basis of PRI, AGinvest also follows the guidelines stated in PRI's Responsible Investment in Farmland document. The effective implementation of these principles allows for greater transparency and disclosure for stakeholders, a stronger relationship with farm partners, and more sustainable farming practices that will benefit investors, farmers and consumers for years to come.

AGinvest also publicly supports and endorses responsible investing. Proper execution of every investment requires close consideration of all relevant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors and their influence on the outcomes of all major stakeholders involved.

View AGinvest's Responsible Investment Policy:

Responsible Investment Policy