Productive Farmland as an Alternative Investment

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Historic image of early farmers in Ontario

What makes Southwestern Ontario the most productive agricultural land in Canada?

We Have an Ideal Climate

Surrounded by the greatest source of clean, fresh water on the planet,  Southwestern Ontario is a region rich in agricultural history and incredible productivity.  Southwestern Ontario farmland receives consistent precipitation, and ample heat throughout the long growing season. (170 plus days per year) The terrain is predominantly flat, making planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops easier and more economical. We’re also blessed with some of the most nutrient-packed soils on the planet.

Southwestern Ontario Farmland Smart Growth Zone

[This figure demonstrates how the vast majority of Southwestern Ontario is classified as prime agricultural land. Prime agricultural farmland accounts for only 5% of the Canadian land mass with only 0.5% considered Class 1 farmland. Southwestern Ontario is home to nearly 100% of the Class 1 farmland in the country. Visit the website link provided for further details.]

Southwestern Ontario is a region that has been blessed with generations of intelligent farm families that have benefited from the rich resources that exist in the region. As the appetite of an increasing global population continues to skyrocket, so will the value of premium farmland and the produce that the land is capable of producing. Looking to the future, we see Southwestern Ontario and the farmland that exists in the region capable of producing so much more. As technology, conservation practices, efficient usage of water resources, and professional farmland management organizations evolve, Southwestern Ontario farmland will continue to perform. Need more proof that Southwestern Ontario is the most productive farmland in Canada? Learn more here.


We Have World-Class Agricultural Research

Beyond the better-known Universities in our larger cities, there is a specialty agricultural school nestled in the heart of rural Southwestern Ontario. The University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus is a world-renowned hub for agronomists, researchers, and international scientists. Here, professors, students, growers, and The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) work to improve crop yields, manage crop pests, educate farmers on sustainable practices and in general, make farming more economically viable.

[Southwestern Ontario’s own University of Guelph: Ridgetown Campus and home to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The campus is a proud and welcoming community of agricultural science experts and students.]

The Ridgetown campus provides numerous specialty courses and programs, research test plots, laboratories, greenhouses, biofuel facilities and farm machinery innovation and research strategies. Graduates move on to successful careers in the agricultural industry, many of whom continue to contribute their skills to the region. AGinvest’s own cofounder, William Loucks is a proud Alumnus of the University of Guelph, with an Honours BSc in Agricultural Science.


We’re Home to a Tenacious Population

For centuries, this stretch of farmland has been a beacon for waves of hardworking immigrants. These farmers conquered the hardships of cultivating new farmland, raised their families, and ultimately shaped the landscape and communities of our region. Regardless of their cultural background, the people of Southwestern Ontario harmonized with a singular goal: Farm hard and prosper.

[The strength of our industry is attributed to our farming ancestors’ relentless efforts and collective innovations. Techniques, machinery, and technology (and hats) have changed dramatically in agriculture, but the timeless determination of Southwestern Ontario farmers has remained constant. ]

Southwestern Ontario communities celebrate the bounty of their hard work with countless annual events, fairs and festivals, markets, tractor pulls, and other farm related competitions. Farming is one of the fundamental identities of our area, and is highly valuable for both working farmers and non-farmers alike. We support each other, we are driven, and we are pushing our agricultural industry towards a fruitful future.


Charming Farming For All

The fabric of Southwestern Ontario’s landscape, paired with the ingenuity and grit of its people, will continue to drive the value of farmland higher. During times of uncertainty, our success in agricultural production will continue to improve, and so will the value of your investment.