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Leveraging the Global Food Demand

Investing in agricultural land is the most basic way to benefit from the growing worldwide demand for food.  The rapid change and economic growth experienced across emerging markets in recent years has had a significant impact on the demand for food. Ontario farmland has the unique ability to service demand both domestically and internationally. The unique combination of excellent climate, soil quality, infrastructure and rainfall make investing in Ontario Farmland exceptionally stable. AGinvest has a deep understanding of the agricultural trends in Ontario, and assists investors in leveraging demand for high quality farmland assets into superior investment returns.

Why AGinvest?

  • AGinvest provides a complete range of agricultural real estate investment and management services. We help maximize farmland returns with proprietary optimization techniques and ensure that land is kept in the best condition to maintain asset values for our investors.
  • Unmatched property selection: We invest only in high quality, well-managed agricultural assets that have long-term potential.
  • Local market knowledge: The AGinvest network on the ground, provide assistance and region-specific knowledge.
  • Crop diversification: Our approach involves investing in a region with great diversity. Ontario produces over 200 different crops types leveraging a mix of row crops and permanent crops, taking full advantage of all growing seasons, weather and demand for specific agricultural products.
  • Strategic marketing alliances: We partner with major financial institutions, food and agribusiness corporations and optimization partners to maximize value for our investors.

Agriculture: A Smart Investment

Investing in agricultural land is a clear way to benefit from a growing worldwide demand for food. A portfolio diversification tool, an inflation hedging tool, an income generating product.

Historically Strong Returns

An asset that has outperformed Canada’s stock and bond market indices over the past three-, five- and ten-year periods

Attractive Risk-Return Characteristics

An asset that has an asymmetric risk profile because farmland values never go to zero; unlike stock and bond values. Ontario Farmland has Generated a Compound Annual Rate of Return of 8.2 Percent Over the Past 66 Years

Diversification Potential

Over time, agricultural investment performance has proven to be non-correlated with traditional asset classes, allowing for enhanced diversification and lower volatility in a portfolio.