Why Invest in Ontario Farmlands?

The world needs food; the world needs Ontario!

Our forecast is that demand for agricultural goods will continue to grow, driven by an increasing population, a rising quality of life in developing countries and a general global decline in the rate of productivity growth.

Meanwhile, opportunities to expand the world’s productive land are extremely limited. We believe that the planet’s stock of productive farmland is being depleted under the continuing threats of urbanization, water scarcities, soil degradation and over-production.

For illustrative purposes only. This illustration depicts how farmland valued at $100,000 in 1996 has grown in value over time. Statistics Canada data was used for calculation purposes. Please consult your financial advisor and/or accountant for advice prior to acting on this information.

Premium farmland, here in Ontario

AGinvest was created to capitalize on the inherent advantages of Ontario farmland and growing global demand for food production.

We believe that Ontario farmland is among the very best in the world. Ontario farmland represents a market of over 13 million acres with a total capitalization of approximately $134 billion. Ontario farmland turnover is estimated to exceed $5 billion annually.

High quality land, plentiful water, access to agricultural inputs, technology and human resources combine to make Ontario’s farmlands productive and desirable. A stable government and access to an exceptional transportation system give the region an efficient infrastructure for servicing global markets.

Banking on the best

Of all Ontario’s farmlands, our analysis shows that the very best is situated in the extreme southwest corner of the province for the following reasons:

  • A long frost-free growing season with ample heat for growing 200 plus staple crops
  • Consistent rainfall throughout the growing season (little need for costly irrigation)
  • Access to unlimited fresh water supplies through most of the Great Lakes basin
  • Deep and rich soils deposited in the region during the last glacial period
  • Exceptional logistics and infrastructure that can quickly access ports to the global market
  • Highly educated workforce able to plan and manage farm operations efficiently
  • Surrounded by major urban markets that require fresh market produce

AGinvest invests and operates a portfolio of farmland properties in this area.

Making the best, better

Once a property is acquired, AGinvest will seek to improve its productivity and market value by applying strategies to enhance crop yield and lower growing costs. We draw on our expertise in Southwestern Ontario agriculture and our first-hand knowledge of the crops and soils in the region. Our proactive role developing and operating farmland properties is what separates AGinvest from other farmland funds. It further qualifies investors for capital gain exemption benefits on the eventual sale of their shares.

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