YOU HAVE OPTIONS with our Land-Share Exchange

Knowing farming as well as we do, we certainly know that a single solution would never solve the needs of all farm-related problems. We understand that every farm, every farmer, and every farm family have their own characteristics, priorities, and needs. With this in mind, we created our innovative Land-Share Exchange Program. There are many options to choose from within our Land-Share Exchange Program —any one of which will provide you and your family with both immediate and long-term financial prosperity.

Some farmers are at a point in their lives where they are planning for retirement. Some farmers wish to continue farming and will want to operate their farm as usual. Some farmers even aspire to expand their land beyond what they have cultivated during their long careers. We have options for all farmers.

Again, because we know every farm family’s situation is unique, we offer the flexibility to select a customized option and make the choices that benefit you and your loved ones.

For purposes of illustration only we have established a farm value of $2 Million (CDN)

a chart of the AGinvest Farm Land Exchange
a chart of the AGinvest Farm Land Exchange
a chart of the AGinvest Farm Land Exchange

If you’re an investor and you’d like to read more about our investment model, navigate to our Farmland Investment page.

If you’re a farmer or own farmland and you’d like to learn about the benefits our investment model, visit our Farmland Management and Growth page.

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