Who We Are?

We are managers of farmland investments.  We have created an opportunity for investors to add farmland holdings to their investment portfolios in a tax effective manner.

What We Do?

AGinvest Farmland One Inc. raises capital to purchase, optimize and manage premium Ontario farmland.  AGinvest works with progressive farm operators using a grower’s agreement to generate annual income.

Investing In Farmland?

We believe that farmland will be an excellent investment because of the global demand for agricultural products.  This demand will be driven by the increase in global population combined with the decrease in arable land.

Where Do We Invest?

We focus on Southwestern Ontario as our target market due to an abundance of premium quality farmland combined with an excellent growing season (climate), as well as an exceptional agricultural infrastructure.

Growth Opportunities for accredited investors

AGinvest introduces a unique opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio with Ontario farmland:

  • Long-term history of growth
  • Uncorrelated with capital market returns
  • Unique tax-savings
  • Invest in macro-economic trends that favour productive farmland

Farmland values in Ontario have risen in all but six of the past sixty-seven years. We believe that Ontario farmland is now poised to capitalize on converging trends that will be an integral part of the world’s food production system for years to come.

Once-in-a-lifetime tax savings

AGinvest’s innovative investment model creates a unique opportunity for both investors and farmland owners to utilize their lifetime exemption for tax-free capital gains.

As a shareholder in AGinvest Farmland One Inc., you become a shareholder in a company that actively manages and markets crop production on premium Ontario farmlands. This ownership structure enables you to utilize the lifetime capital gains exemption on the eventual sale of your shares.

Our farmland ownership plans allow you  to grow your investment tax free.



Pre-Tax return needed to earn the same After-Tax return in Ontario with various types of income

The chart above compares the after-tax rate of return on interest bearing investments and capital gains. *For example, please note that in order to achieve an after-tax return of 10% in Ontario, an investor would need to earn 21.5% of interest income or 13.7% in capital gains ineligible for the capital gains exemption.

Want to know more?

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