A Farmland Perspective: How Macro Trends are Seeding the Opportunity in this Emerging Asset Class

Phil SzucsFarmland, Investing

Our CEO Kent Willmore joined AGinvest Director Keith Graham and successful agribusiness entrepreneur Dave Baute of Maizex Seeds to present at the annual Canadian Alternative Investment Forum. Considered the premier alternative investment conference in the country, Kent, Keith and Dave participated in a Spotlight Panel discussing the many productive qualities and rich composition of southwestern Ontario farmland. They also spoke about the appreciation metrics, comparative analysis to other investments and some of the unique opportunities that exist with farmland investing. To view the video of the discussion, please click here:

Speaking to several hundred participants in a virtual format this year, our team highlighted the important opportunities available to investors in this undiscovered asset class. With thanks to Karen Azlen, CEO of Introduction Capital and her team for pivoting to an online format and organizing such an excellent event.